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Join Us!
Do you play the guitar, pipes, accordion, whistle, keyboard, fiddle (violin), drums or other instrument?
The Hoggies are keen to meet up with other musicians interested in playing Scottish and Irish Celtic music!
Celtic Sessions: We have organised a couple of 'Sessions' in the past with other musicians which were good fun. Please contact us if you are interested to join one (there is no need to be able to read music!!) :)
Join The Hoggies: We are also interested in expanding our current band set up to incorporate more harmonies and add flexibility, and we would be pleased to meet up with any musician who would be interested to join the band for practices and to perform in live gigs. Please do get in touch - we will be pleased to meet you, have a wee dram, and try a rehearsal together with some music you are comfortable with/enjoy playing! (Not necessarily in that order!)
Email us on chris@thehoggies.be, or call on 0474966593. Go on, go on, go on ;)