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Here are some recommendations from previous happy Ceilidhers (more to come):


"I booked the Hoggies to play at my 60th Birthday celebration ceilidh.

During dinner they filled the room with wistful, romantic airs, later Siobhan (as the caller)

successfully taught my  multinational  guests  to dance. Almost 70 people had a ball stripping

the willow, many for the first time!

It was a very memorable evening, thanks to The Hoggies"



"We had such a wonderful time, you made the night!

And it's not just me that thinks that - I have had so many comments!

Thank you for coming, working so hard and making our night a party!"

Abbi & Joris


"The Hoggies made our birthday party unforgettable! 
They brought a touch of magic and legend to the evening.
Their presence was perfect.
Thank you so much for your music and vibes."
Hélène & Nicolas